Unlock visibility into your SaaS 

The SaaS operations platform to manage the lifecycle of your software applications.

SaaS proliferation

The average employee actively uses 36 SaaS applications

Every company and team continues to sign up for more software, complicating an already tangled landscape.

Untangle your saas apps with Intello
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Leading to wasted spend and compliance nightmares

It has become impossible to get full visibility into the organization’s software spend, usage and compliance.

How Intello works


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  • /static/images/home/quickbooks.png?1yO5ts5 accounting integration
  • /static/images/home/intacct.png?1NO_hiC accounting integration

We securely integrate with your accounting system to discover all your software subscriptions in real-time.

Usage Data

  • intello extension
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Browser Extension

Salesforce direct integrationOkta direct integration

Direct Integration

Our proprietary browser extension and integrations visualize how your organization utilizes their software licenses.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback for your software applicationsUse ratings and reviews to quantify feedback

Through the browser extension, collect real-time employee feedback to inform purchasing decisions.

Intelligent spend Monitoring

Intelligent spend monitoring

Uncover unused licenses

Uncover unused licenses

Enhanced vendor compliance

Enhanced vendor compliance

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