We’re on a mission to create a more transparent SaaS ecosystem

SaaS products have the power to transform the way people do business. However, the explosion and growth of the SaaS market has resulted in massive adoption of new applications within companies, without the proper infrastructure to manage them.

While working in our roles at high-growth startups and global SaaS investment firms, we experienced this problem first-hand and were inspired to create a better solution. In early 2017 we founded Intello to enable companies to properly scale their operation in an era of SaaS proliferation.

We’re building an intelligent end-to-end platform to purchase, manage, and operate SaaS applications.

Company Timeline

  • Founded in Barak & Shlomo’s apartment

    Feb 2017

    Founded in Barak & Shlomo’s apartment

  • Launched private beta

    May 2017

    Launched private beta

  • Closed $1.3M seed round

    Aug 2017

    Closed $1.3M seed round

  • Launched publicly

    Feb 2018

    Launched publicly

Exceptional Investors

  • tectonic capital
  • emerge
  • kaedan
  • blacktop capital
  • boxgroup


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