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Case study

Gaining visibility into shadow IT and creating their company's first SaaS policies and guidelines.

500+ Employees
1,000+ Applications
Instacart Case Study

Goal: Better understand what software is being used without proper security and control.

Instacart’s revolutionary approach to grocery deliveries changed an industry and led to spectacular growth.

And like most high growth companies, its systems and processes struggled to keep up with its fast growth.

From an IT perspective, there was low visibility on what was purchased or used. It was hard to anticipate costs and expenses, and difficult to spot SaaS overlaps and make course corrections.

When Anais Farges, Head of IT at Instacart, joined in 2018, she knew she’d need to start gathering data ahead of her goal to create appropriate policies and guidelines that she would be able to enforce.

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Defining the Right Track

Getting Ahead of the Unknown

Legal, finance, and other IT team members hadn’t worked with a SaaS management tool before, so few of them knew something like Intello existed. That gave Anais a fair amount of latitude.

Anais wanted to uplevel the importance of SaaS management and spotting shadow IT. She knew how to get ahead of these looming unknowns and had support.

With compliance and usage — the main flaws of shadow IT — as a top concern, Anais knew that G Suite-based permissions would be the most critical feature. It also helped solve a lingering problem from their original G Suite setup.

“There is power in having all this data to shift the direction of a contract,” Anais explains. “It positions the IT department to have more leverage in company decisions and truly demonstrate the impact of a corporate IT ecosystem.”

Anais started with three calls with three vendors: one was recommended by an executive, but it didn’t match their needs. Another was an inflexible enterprise option with filler features that wouldn’t help Instacart. Intello was an exact fit.

“This visibility keeps us on top of new apps and makes my job 100x easier. Intello is great for forensics on a daily and weekly basis.”

Tom Roark, Senior Manager of IT Operations

Tom Roark
The Challenge

Measuring Shadows in the Dark

Anais would first need to see how usage data would build month over month and quarter over quarter. Her next move would be to work with stakeholders such as legal, security, and finance to act on their discovery and create realistic policies. All phases would need to be gradual.

She also knew that Instacart would need to choose an application that could grow with them — one that would meet not just their current needs but their future ones as well.

Flashlight - uncover all saas usage

Wasted licenses and app overlaps are gone

Recover Wasted Spend

Uncovered hundreds of thousands in software spend

Easy, Fast & Illuminating

The Intello Experience

Intello implementation was super easy: since they had G Suite, it took 5 minutes. Deployment was very compressed, less than 3 days (versus 3 months from the enterprise competitor).

So far, the work with Intello is “all rewards: IT, security, legal, finance all welcomed the new level of visibility. I can’t say enough how easy and well designed Intello is.”

“With Intello we could see how deep shadow IT ran,” Anais explained. ‘We found out how multifaceted it was. We were able to audit and cut overlaps in software, trim unnecessary costs, and renegotiate contracts from a stronger position.”

The use of Intello paved the way for Okta and BetterCloud implementations as well as the creation of tighter procurement processes and policies. “It keeps everyone growth-minded,” says Anais.

“It’s becoming a workflow and not a one-time assessment.”

“Intello is our flashlight in the dark,” Anais concludes. “It more than pays for itself through compliance, tool savings, and overlaps of unnecessary purchases.”

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