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Optimize Usage

Uncover the utilization of all your SaaS applications with our integrations and browser extension

Cancel Inactive Licenses

Cancel Inactive Licenses

Save on unused licenses

Cancel Redundant Apps

Cancel Redundant Apps

Prioritize products in-use and cancel others

Gain Insights Into Trends

Gain Insights Into Trends

Inform renewal and purchasing decisions


Saas Application Integrations

Integrate Intello with your SaaS apps to view all active and inactive users.

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SaaS Integrations

Single Sign-On Integrations

Integrate Intello with your Single Sign-On solution to view utilization of all connected applications.

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Advanced Usage Reporting

Intelligently Manage Users
Intelligently Manage Users

View all inactive and active users and deprovision licenses in real time

usage analytics

Filter usage by dates, teams, and customized tags

Advanced Usage Reporting

Browser Extension

In addition to usage insights, the browser extension also facilitates collaborative software procurement.

Flashlight - uncover all saas usage
Uncover usage for every SaaS app

Intello’s proprietary browser extension uncovers usage for every SaaS app. It gives you full usage visibility - even if it’s a free application used by an employee

Give feedback on SaaS applications

Inform purchasing decisions by hearing directly from employees on what's driving value

Share SaaS apps in your organization

Discover and recommend SaaS applications that can make your team more productive

Capture all SaaS usage via the Intello extension

Integrate easily today

Choose one of our spend integrations and start managing your software in minutes

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